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below is a series of mockups from the first initial brainstorming
these are design drawings I made in the early stages of the project; to see the actual device please watch the video above

Using  multi-finger gestures on the device, users can scale and rotate images

navigation in map-based system

Users can use one-hand gestures to scale or rotate the map.

Using  multi-finger gestures on the device, users can manipulate multiple dimensions of a spline at the same time.

Graphic design 

The two-handed, multi-finger finger input allows users to interactively construct multi-dimensional shapes..  

A naturalistic cursor and a slightly distorted cursor

Abstract cursors

Users may choose different visualizations for their hands, ranging from naturalistic to abstract, such as a set of crosshairs. Tracking errors are less harmful than on touchscreens; since the tablet controls the visual feedback, it can always match cursor and visual feedback, covering up the tracking error.


Multiple users may paint at the same time or cooperate when constructing a drawing.

Multiple hands without collision

Multiple users can interact by each simultaneously painting with their own color. One user may operate both sides of the tablet or one user operates the front, while the other operates the back.

Strategy game are one potential application


Gamers can control multiple units in a strategy game. Two gamers may put the tablet between them and each play one side in a sports game.