flat volume control demo

patrick baudisch
      flat volume ctrl.

click to start flash demo


What to do:

Drag the master volume up and down. See how the app volume sliders move in sync.

Click mute. See how the sliders go to zero and how the button changes to “restore”. Click again to restore OR drag the master up to restore OR drag any app slider up (to restore only that app). See how the mute button changes state however you restore.

Drag the master to zero. See how the mute button changes state. Restore by dragging the master back up or using “restore”.

Switch to the "slider" visuals (tiny radio buttons at the bottom right).  Drag the application volume sliders up and down. See how the master volume always adjusts when an app volume would pass it, so that it always corresponds to the loudest source.



click for flash longhorn demo (5,660kb)

This demo creates a 1024x768 pixel longhorn desktop. Make sure sound is enabled on your machine.

Hover the mouse over the speaker icon in the top right corner of the screen to bring up the volume control flyout.

This version is fully instrumented. Click the bottom right corner of the screen for experimental controls and log file. We used this version for our user study.

(for the older version we used for preliminary usability testing, click here)