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Wilson, A., Chen, B., Balakrishnan, R., and Baudisch, P. Touch Interaction with a Curved Display. MS Docket No. 324314.01. Filed August 5, 2009.  (pending)


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Hinckley, K., Cutrell, E., Sarin, R., Baudisch, P. Self-Revelation Aids for Marking Menus and Gesture Interfaces. MS Docket No. 321339.01. Filed January 15, 2008.  (pending)


Baudisch, P. and Liebling, D. Online personal appearance advisor MS Docket No. 321387.01. Filed November 28, 2007. (pending)

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27Baudisch, P. Facilitating target acquisition by expanding targets. Filed November 15, 2004. (pending)
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1Baudisch, P. Mixed Resolution Displays, United States Patent Application 20020167531, Filed December 17, 2001 (pending)